About Us

Urban33 Limited is a unique multi-website online retailer, whose passion for providing a trusted and personal online experience has led to rapid growth both in the UK and internationally since its birth in 2007.

Brief History

2007 saw the launch of Gardens2you, the first company under the Urban33 umbrella. In 2008, after a successful year, Gardens2you was joined by Urban Male Jewellery and Urban33 Limited was born. The Christmas Boutique was next to follow and enjoyed its first Christmas in 2011, to be quickly joined by Home33 in 2012 which has now completed the Urban33 Retail Group.

Our Products

Naturally with such a diverse collection of sites comes a wide range of available products. From Leather Bracelets to Anodised Tongue Bars, Advent Calendars to Bird Baths, Stud Earrings to Clocks, we’ve got a huge variety of goods that will satisfy all your Jewellery, Home, Garden and Christmas needs.

International Business

From the outset we recognised the opportunities that were available to us overseas and have consistently pushed to maximise this area of our business. This commitment to our international customer base from the very beginning has meant that our overseas dealings have now become an integral part of our ever growing company.


The diverse nature of our six brands means that we are an extremely unique online retail group; however, the success of each brand individually has been underpinned by an all inclusive culture that has grown and evolved since our birth.

Somebody to Trust

We understand that our customers want to feel that their money and details are safe when making transactions online. This is why our aim has, and always will be to create a secure and comfortable online shopping experience. We wish not to be the biggest, but we do strive to be the most trusted.

Passionate Team

All of our websites were born out of love, devotion & hard work. With the growth of these websites then fueled by ensuring the right people work within a market they are passionate about. Whether it be fashion or gardening, we know that to provide the best products and service we have to be selling something we, as a company, truly care about.

Focused Research

All our brands revolve around ever changing seasons and trends, which means it is crucial for us to stay up to date and current. This is not a guessing game however, our dedicated team combined with our collection of quality contacts means that we know exactly what to stock and when.

Social Engagement

As a company we’ve grown and evolved through the Social Media phenomenon and we pride ourselves on our social activity. We believe that social media should not just be an extension of a business, but should be at the centre of everything that happens. With this philosophy, we have been able to create a customer driven online experience unique to each of our brands.

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