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Here at Gardens2you we are passionate about helping you create your perfect garden. Gardens2you is where it all began back in 2007 and was born out of a love for everything garden. Originally it was a site solely selling plants & shrubs, however, it quickly changed focus to concentrate on garden Ornaments and Accessories. Over the years our product range has increased from just a few gnomes and a couple of planters to a wide variety of all types of garden accessories. We have both…


The Christmas Boutique

A fairly new addition to the Urban33 Online Retail Group, The Christmas Boutique was started in 2011 to provide a unique collection of Christmas Decorations, Accessories and Ornaments all year round. The Christmas Boutique is dedicated to Christmas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The nature of Christmas itself means that most companies only focus on it for a few months a year. Here at The Christmas Boutique, however, we are dedicated to Christmas all day every day. This…


Home33 Accessories

Home33 provides a unique range of accessories and gifts ideal for any home. Home33 is our newest brand and was created in 2012 because of the success of Gardens2you and The Christmas Boutique. Similarly to our other two websites, our aim is to bring you a unique collection of Accessories, Decorations, Ornaments and Gifts, all of which comes delivered directly to your door. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality yet unusual collection of items and our dedicated team of buyers search all over…


Urban Male Jewellery

http://social-hub.urban-male.com/Urban Male Jewellery is committed to providing the most comprehensive range of men’s jewellery on the internet. As men become more and more fashion conscious, the demand for men’s jewellery continues to rise and since 2007 Urban Male Jewellery has been right at the forefront of this Jewellery revolution. Urban Male Jewellery was founded to offer an outstanding range of up to date, on trend and well priced jewellery for men. We started with around 100 products, but as the popularity of men’s jewellery increased,…


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