Partnership Programme


What is the Partnership Programme?

Simply, the ‘Partnership Programme’ offers you the chance to work with us and take advantage of our many years of industry experience. We give you the chance to have your products listed on marketplaces around the world. Using our extensive knowledge of content management and online marketing we can optimise your product sales.

How does the Partnership Programme Work?

We work with you on either your entire product range or part of it depending on the quantity of SKUs. It’s ideal to start with between 50 and 100 SKUs. We agree together on the products, the retail price you want to sell at and the quantities we will hold in stock. Once this is in place, our team can set to work designing listings, ready for the stock to arrive. If you have specific brand guidelines and retail prices, we are more than happy to work with these and uphold them. The internet can be a difficult place for suppliers, but we promise to maintain the price that we agreed to help to protect your brand.

As the orders come in, we manage the whole transaction, from taking orders to picking, packing and dispatching. Our in-house customer service team will be available to help with customer queries including product returns.

What we don’t do is let the stock sit in our warehouse. We are always looking at stock lines, tweaking and improving listings to gain more sales. With years of insider experience and up-to-date knowledge of marketplaces, we make sure your products are in the best possible position. We won’t take any product lines into the programme unless we believe we can increase sales for you.

Top Reasons to Join Us….

  • Access to over 25 marketplaces and constantly growing
  • Access to millions of buyers in the UK, Europe and around the world
  • The potential to increase your sales of full product ranges, slower selling lines or lines that other customers are often reluctant to stock can sell extremely well with us
  • No fulfillment or customer service hassle, we take care of all this for you
  • Access to gated categories or marketplaces that may be closed to you
  • Products are online 365 days a year, which means you can be selling even when you’re on holiday
  • Dedicated Account Manager and access to an established ecommerce company with outstanding marketplace and content management experience
  • We account for EU VAT, so there is no need to register or have the expense of EU VAT returns
  • Work with an award winning company that cares about your reputation, brand and products and upholds its beliefs and values
  • No risk, no upfront costs and if it doesn’t work you still own the stock

Urban33 Offers More Than Just a Partnership

If you’re not ready for the ‘Partnership Programme’ then we also offer the following services to help you on your way to achieving your online sales growth:

Urban33 Ecommerce Services

We can offer specialist ecommerce photography from our in-house team; we know what makes a good photo online. We can also offer translation services in French and German from our team of in-house translators. If you need help with getting started online or feel you’re stuck in a rut then we can offer a one-to-one consultation service, please contact us for more information and competitive rates.

Urban33 Fulfilment

Simply, we offer fulfilment of your orders. If you want to stay in charge of listing and selling your products but don’t want the expense and hassle of dispatching, no problem, we have our own warehouses and teams that can do this for you. Just contact us for a tailored quote.

Urban33 Logistics

If you’re a supplier, wholesaler or just a seller and need some space to store products, we can manage this for you. Or, if you need a company to store and dispatch products then we can manage this too, just contact us to discuss your individual needs.

What does it cost?

Nothing, we have no upfront fees for our programme. We work with you to agree cost and retail prices. Your products are securely stored in our warehouses on a consignment basis. Each month we send you a sales report, you then top up the items to the agreed stock levels and invoice us for the stock that has sold.

Feature your products on:

eBay UK

eBay USA

eBay Australia

eBay Germany

eBay France

eBay Canada

eBay Austria




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What else do I get?

A dedicated Account Manager will work with you on your account, keeping you up-to-date on new marketplaces and countries we are expanding into, advising you on what this could mean for your products. We will also work with you to discuss promotional and marketing opportunities that are available.


“Urban33 have done an amazing job of retailing our products online. Their in-depth knowledge of online retail is impressive and, through Urban33, our products are available on many sites, some of which we would not otherwise have access to. We are delighted with the partnership” Green Elephant Trading

“We needed help with growing our business online and Urban33 were able to show us quick and efficient ways to increase our sales and brand presence, both on marketplaces and social media channels.” Ocean Blue Glasgow

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